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Fingerprint Door Lock

FINGERPRINT DOOR LOCK All models brochure MODEL KeyLock 7700 KeyLock 8800 Click to view SURFACE FINISHING Zinc Alloy Zinc Alloy TYPE OF SCANNER Optical fingerprint scanner Optical fingerprint scanner DISPLAY OLED black and white display OLED black and white display MICROPROCESSOR 400 MHz 400 MHz MEMORY 32MB flash memory 32MB flash memory

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UBS BSM Software

UBS BUILDING SERVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The essential property management tool, saves time, cost, labour and promote accuracy in a paperless office environment. “The most usable billing and payment software for Joint Management Corporation" PRODUCT OVERVIEW – Paperless systematic storage of database – Easy retrieval of information – Creating an efficient and productive environment

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Sage UBS

The complete GST Solution. With over 25 years of experience and over 500,000 users, we now deliver to you Sage UBS with proper GST support. Reviewed by Tax Consultants and approved by the Royal Malaysian Customs for the purposes of the SME subsidy. Sage UBS Accounting & Billing is the first step to computerized business. With

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Fingertec is a global brand that offers quality biometric time attendance, door access hardware and solutions for various companies worldwide. Combined with powerful applications for PCs, web and cloud-based systems, Fingertec truly provides solutions that expand beyond biometrics. "YES. We go beyond biometrics" Why Biometric Security Is the Best